Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just got another rejection for one of my short stories that I sent away. But this time I got feedback, so that was helpful... Looks as though I have to try again, though I think I will wait a while, I already have a whole heap on my plate with my 2YN project, which is taking me forever to finish!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I have now officially finished my biggest WIP ever. It came in at 100,098 words and it is finished! Two weeks ahead of schedule. I am so happy right now!

Tomorrow I will begin on my short story!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

At it again

Still two weeks left of outlining, I am finally getting some things done in my 2YN WIP but there is still so much left to do! I've almost finished 'Beneath Ice' I have 2 scenes left, so I'm quite excited, which of course got me to thinking.

I like to get up of a morning and write a least one scene, my day is not complete otherwise. So in about two days I will be finished Beneath Ice. That will leave me with two weeks without anything to write! So I went on the internet and got a story prompt for a short story. I just finished the outline for it today. It will be 10, 000 words long, and I really love it. The only bad thing is, I write 10, 000 words in a week, so that means I will have to try and find something else to occupy myself with when I've finished with it -- Oh the drama!

Also, whilst I was doing a little bit of worldbuilding for this story, I went searching for a program that would help me make a map. I found Autorealm. Its a real neat piece of free software that allows you to design maps. It has heaps of symbols and stuff. I really like it. It will help so much when I make the maps for the rest of my worlds.

No all as I have to do is create the map for my 2yn

Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm so close to finishing 'Beneath Ice'. It is going to need so much revision it's seriously not funny. But I now have a direction I want the 'Element Trilogy' to go in. I have started on the outline for the second book, and thought of a good working title this morning. I called it 'Brother'. I'm heaps excited about writing it, but of course my 2YN will come first. I was thinking I could do this story for NaNo this year. I really want to do NaNo again, last year was my first time, and it was so good. Such a learning curve! It opened my eyes to how much I really love writing, it was also the largest writing goal I had ever reached, and I discovered how much I enjoyed writing everyday. ^_^


After a long year, Baden Vireze has finally been located in a small village located in Reh'viva. Krindel Vireze, his twin sister, jumps at the chance to finally be reunited with her brother and see a country she only vaugely knew existed. However, when she gets there and meets Yuri, Lakin's older brother, she discovers Lakin's exile was harsher then he ever let on. She vows that she will destroy the antagonism between the two Brothers and gain the aliance of Reh'viva. A strong tie that will help her when she and Baden regain their throne.