Saturday, May 24, 2008

Current Status

Haven't done much writing lately, been at a school camp for the past three days, so I didn't want to start anything too soon. Finally finished the planning for Conforming to the Enemy. Don't really like it, but I am going to write it anyway, just so that I have something to do. Besides as soon as I start writing it is going to change anyway. Also I'm testing out yWriter4. I quite like the way the program is set up. So tonight I get stuck into that. I've given myself until the 7th of July, so hopefully I will be able to finish it by then. I plan to have 90,000 words but the outline was a lot shorter then I wanted it to be. I'm thinking that once I finally have it finished, I will be able to see what the missing scenes are. So I'm jumping in headlong, because I have been chomping at the bit for ages to get something written in one of my projects, and I want to finish a big WIP.

Finished the latest assignment for 2YN this morning and posted it. It was a bit shorter then the last, but I was able to write a scene from a different viewpoint so I am happy about that. But the whole thing just seems to be getting bigger and bigger with every assignment. It's kind of doing my head in, lol. I really can't wait to get writing in it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WIP Update

I brought out my copy of Holly Lisle's Plot Clinic on the weekend, and have been slowly working through it for a new story that I am writing. So Far, so good!

I also found out how strange I really am this weekend, the reason being that I have a strange love for stationary. Yes people look at me strange when I say that I want to work in a stationary shop. I'd probably scare the customers away, lol. But seriously, I love buying a new note book. I bought one on the weekend, and I have been jotting notes down here and there for my current WIP. I also bought a new pen to write with.

I started 2YN with a notebook, but it is too small, so I scraped it, I really should have bought a slightly larger one so that I could keep a hard copy of random things, then I would probably work on it a lot more as well, seeing as I always take notebooks everywhere, and my bag is always stocked with pens.

Actually, the next thing that I have to add to my growing list of writing supplies and technologies is a PDA, so if anyone knows any nice models, ones that I can most hopefully afford lol, I would be grateful for any suggestions. Somehow I just think that walking around with a PDA will be far more easier then walking around with a stack of notebooks, much easier to store in my bag.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A small bit of praise.

Oh my gosh! I bought Holly Lisle's new e-book 'How to write page-turning scenes' and I have to say that it is wonderful and offers very good information. I am only half way through, but I am loving it, and my writing has changed a bit, for the better of course. I seriously recommend this book for anyone wanting to know a bit more about scenes. It has really opened me eyes!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekly summary.

This week was a good week, I got 15,000 words in writing done, which is very good considering that I have school as well at the moment. I started the may story a day challenge, that is awesome, though not as easy as I thought it would be. In other news I finished my story! Now I have to find something else to write about, but Holly Lisle's page turning scenes comes out this week so I can't wait to buy it! I even have the money saved up to get it.

Oh, and I also have the money saved up to buy SuperNoteCard, by Mindola. This is an absolutely awesome outline program that really works for me. I have the trial version, but have been meaning to buy it for so long, I just had to save up the money first. But I was supposed to be buying this website software that I thought would be great for my school project. Turns out I read the wrong information and got the prices wrong, it is way more than I want to pay seeing as I own dreamweaver MX and can do the same thing in it. The only problem is I fiddle when I use dreamweaver. But hey, it means that I can finally get a riggle on and buy that software that I have been meaning to buy for months now. Since last year to be correct, lol.

My 2YN project is coming along swell. I really love the course and I am learning so much about my world, and my writing styles. I have learnt a few things about the story that I thought would be a lot different, and I can see how bad the story would have ended up had I just jumped in as per usual. This course is definitely a plus, everything is falling into place. I just hope I can come up with enough conflict to get me through seven books like I have planned. But I'm sure I will ^_^

Anyway, that's all from me this week, I've rambled enough. Have to go and get this third story out of the way, and begin some planning for other work. I have a full week of school ahead of me, so that seems like its going to be fun.... But hey what can you do? I'll end this post with a quote I picked up somewhere, which I think sums up so much in life!

-- When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters- one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

That quote to me sums up a lot about writing, don't know if that is the same for Y'all. Anyway until next week!