Monday, February 22, 2010

So very close

8 Scenes left of Rose Garden and my goal to have it finished by March is looking very achievable! I'm hoping for a few big pushes to get it done within the next couple of days. this should give me time to get ready for both uni and the edits of Pirates!

So far Rose Garden is 106k long!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Word Counts and Rose Garden

I have always aimed for a word count with my writing. eg. 100,000. Yesterday as I was cruising the net, I come across a very useful page. On that page they were talking about how some stories are not meant to be novels and others are meant to be long. They made the point of just simply writing the story until it was finished. This really changed my outlook on a novel. It always worried me if my novel was less than my goal, when really it shouldn't worry me at all!

Anyhoo, this also made me think about my word length for Rose Garden. It easily makes 100k. But now it is just a question of where it is going to stop. I'm no longer going to focus on the length of the novel. Rather I am going to look at how many scenes I have 'planned' until the finish. So 15 scenes to go... at the moment... seeing as my muse is throwing four new scenes at me for every scene that I write, I could end up with a lot more scenes! lol Though I really am hoping to finish Rose Garden soon! Here's to hoping! ^^

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bogged down.

I think I might have taken on a bit more than I can chew this year. I start Uni this year, and I have just moved to a whole new place -- it is the first time living on my own.

I has also taken on 2yn once again, I still have to finish Rose Garden which has turned into an 8 book series and I want to finish Pirates so that I can try and get it published. Add to that the fact I have started writing a story with a friend, and that I still have to finish writing Blood Donor along with the course How to think Sideways and I have to write The Dead Isles which is the second book of Pirates. I have a whole lot on!

I also have this strange ability to continue to think up story ideas at the moment. I'm going to be completely snowed under for a very long time!